Plaid and Cupcakes

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I filled my little TRACYCAKES Murrayville boutique with FALL FLORALS the other day, and it looks awesome!  Since it’s been so warm and sunny this September (and since school is not even back in session yet because of the teacher strike), … Continue reading

Tracycakes Tuesday: So My Camera Got Stolen…

Tracycakes Tuesday: So My Camera Got Stolen…

Yup, out of my car.  Why was it in my car, you ask?  Well I had taken it to Tracycakes the other morning to take pics of the new items I’m selling from there, and I had switched to a … Continue reading

Tracycakes Tuesday: The Story Of

I was thinking perhaps some of you wonder: why does she sell vintage clothes out of a cupcake shop?  And you would be right to ask, because it’s not really typical.  The answer is simpler than you’d think.  I have a … Continue reading