Tracycakes Tuesday: So My Camera Got Stolen…

Yup, out of my car.  Why was it in my car, you ask?  Well I had taken it to Tracycakes the other morning to take pics of the new items I’m selling from there, and I had switched to a smaller bag.  By the middle of running my errands that day, I was mighty tired of having to take it out of my bag every time I had to reach for my wallet or phone.  So I put it in the console of my car, kind of hidden from view under the dash.  I guess it was kind of hidden from my view too, because I forgot it there overnight.  The next morning Jeff had a wrecking yard sale to go to early, and he saw that someone had punched the lock on my escape.  UGH.  They took my camera and the little fur coat I had in the back seat.  Not the biggest losses (last time it was my iPod, so I never leave it in the car anymore), but still.  I lost my camera on vacation in August and have been using my hubby’s camera since then, and that’s the one that was stolen.  So that sucks.  Maybe I’ll get a better one now, though?  I need to get something, anyway.  If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears!

So here are some pics of vintage loveliness that are now available at Tracycake Murrayville.  I don’t have the pictures I took, so I’m improvising.


Midcentury Christening Gown and cape: This piece is beyond amazing, I have never seen it’s likeness before.


THIS Peacoat: Red with a fur collar.  Gorgeous, non?


This mint lace 1960s shift dress: Bonjour!


This vintage plaid fit ‘n flare.  Seriously, I miss my mannequins…


What can always be found at Tracycakes?  CUPCAKES!!!!  The best you’ve ever tasted, I swear.

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