Outfit Parade

This is from one of my older blogs: Trulie Vintage. This morning I woke up and thought “wouldn’t it be fun to re-post one of those old ones to see the difference 5 years makes? And I was right, it IS fun!

Trulie Vintage

Because of the time of year, I’m going over my wardrobe deciding what to keep, what to throw out, what to focus on and what to let drift into the background.  I’m doing the same with my house, but those pictures will come later.  I’ve decided to do an outfit retrospective, and let the chips fall where they may.  Feel free to add your 2 cents!

These were taken at my cousin’s hair show and my brother’s wedding, respectively.  Note how they oddly co-ordinate.  For the hair show I had to wear black, so I picked my lace dress and nine west strappy heels.  At my brother’s wedding, which was in January, I went for a purple satin number with a purple lace cami under it for coverage and a black shrug.  There’s also a fabric hair flower, and you can’t see my black satin platform sandals from Le Chateau…

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