Tuesday Shoesday! Plus a new direction

I’ve been taking a little internet break lately, and it’s been nice!  I mean, I’ve been ON the internets, but not sharing so much.  I’ve been thinking about where I want this blog to go this year, and while a lot of bloggers find planning to be the most helpful, I really like to go from the gut.  That said, I’m feeling (it’s all about feeling for me, you guys) like I want to feature other people a lot more on this blog, like YOU!  A lot of my clients are not really eager to be featured on this blog for different reasons, and I respect that.  Re-vamping your wardrobe is highly personal, and I like to make the process as kind and gentle as possible.  That doesn’t involve publishing it unless you’re an extreme extrovert.  So! If anyone reading this would like to be on the blog so we can all celebrate your style, I would love it!  Make it a 2015 challenge to come out of your shell and showcase who you are to the world!  We can work together to make the pictures happen, or you can send them to me, whatever you like best.  Message me if you’re interested in being on this style blog 🙂

And now, the shoes I have recently purchased:

1) These black suede shooties from 6pm.com:

black booties


To wear with this kind of outfit:





shooties outfit


How cute, right?  I’ll also wear them with my many floral dresses, like this:

shootie outfit


And like this:

shootie outfit 2


2) This cage bootie from Modcloth.com (big sale, woot!):








cage booties


To wear with maxi dresses like this:

cage booties outfit


And this:

cage bootie outfit 2

Can’t wait to start wearing these babies!  Have a great week, everyone 🙂



2 thoughts on “Tuesday Shoesday! Plus a new direction

  1. I’m tempted to challenge myself and be on the blog…. Let me know what all is involved and if I can limit to my first name only 🙂

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