Fancy (Frock) Friday

Yes, I’m making it a thing.  In this edition, I’ll show you my inadvertent fanciness, what I would wear if I had to go to the White House Corespondents dinner, and some fancy hair I’m lusting after.  Yahoo!

fancy fridayThis picture was taken last week by my social media & web design queen, Karina Cebuliak.  It was after our meeting to plan my exciting new blog and social endeavors, and she wanted to take a picture of me.  Inside I was like “oh no, I just drank so much coffee (apologies to my nutritionist Annaliisa Kapp), and I probably look like a bag of garbage”.  Well, I didn’t: I looked great!  AND, surprisingly fancy.  Jeff “bought” this skirt from for me for Christmas (I picked it out and ordered it, ok?  It was on wicked sale and it’s amazing, what would you have done?), and I wore it once as is but realized it was a teensy bit long and overwhelmed my frame, so my tailor chopped it and now it’s perfection.  Ta-Da!


fancy frock 1


This dress?  Yeah, I’d probably wear it anywhere, but especially to the White House.  I saw the White House once, my Mom took me on a business trip to DC and we stayed in a hotel across the street from it.  It was much smaller than I thought it would be, and all of DC shuts down at 6pm.  Weird.  Georgetown was fun though!  turq hairturq 3

turq 4Ohhhhhh myyyyyyy.  I am currently obsessed with this colour hair, and YES I think it makes everything look fancy.  Like a mermaid.  A fancy mermaid.  Who doesn’t want to look like that?  Anyway, I do.


~~~Have a fancy day!~~~



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