Everybody loves a Polka Dot

dots 1

dots 2

dots 3

dots 5

I purchased this skirt yesterday as a little pick-me-up, and am loving the fullness of it even though it’s so light!  Since I’ve been internet MIA this summer, here’s a little of what I’ve been up to…

Reading: a biography of Rose Kennedy.  I’ve read many books on the Kennedy’s, but never before on the matriarch.

Eating: way too much ice cream.  We started on vacation and it sort of hasn’t ended.  oopsie.

Watching: Equal parts Doctor Who and The Office.  They kind of balance one another out, I think.

Hoping: For some more cool, grey days.  It’s been such a hot summer, I’m looking forward to fall!!!

Loving: all the time I’ve gotten to spend with friends and family these past few months.

Enjoying: our new home.  Photo tour to come!

Looking: for a job in sales or non profit.  Or non-profit sales?  Something like that.  The right fit is out there, I just know it…

Listening: to a lot of Royal Blood, what a great summer soundtrack!

Wondering: what you’ve all been up to this summer?  Post below, I’d love to read it!

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